Sam Johnson - Young New Zealander of the Year

About us

Why WeVisit?

We want to change the way people connect.

We all value communities that enable mutual value exchange and connection. Our team believe its possible to use social connection to tackle some of the most complex challenges facing New Zealanders.

  • Mental health challenges
  • Alarming suicide rates in young people 
  • Social isolation and loneliness in older people 
  • People facing a lack of purpose and meaning 
  • Life skills not being passed on to the younger generations 

WeVisit makes daily activities fun, supports people with part time work and connects mentors together in a safe and authentic way.  

At WeVisit everyone has something to offer, including those receiving support from our services.

Older adults have a wealth of knowledge and life-lessons to share with the younger generation.

Access citizens (those living with a disability) have their own lessons about overcoming barriers to living a life of possibility in an able person’s world.

Younger people have a natural knack for technology and time to contribute to other people’s lives.

We work with individuals, families and government to help us create connections for life that builds social connection, cohesion and resilience.

Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to help people live without the constraints of age, disability or circumstance.

We put people at the centre of all we do, we recognise that everyone has value to offer, we believe in doing things with not to people and we firmly believe social connection is the magic that makes the world a better place.

What is a social enterprise

A social enterprise is a business built for good. WeVisit’s impact of connecting people to mutually enrich each other’s lives is equal to any of our financial goals.

We want to change the way the healthcare and education systems work for everyone, and think social enterprise and impact investment is the way to get there. If you are interested in investing in a brighter, community-based health and education system, please get in touch.


Our team

Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson

Sam has worked with the national and international volunteer sectors for 6 years. He leads our partnership and business development as well as managing the relationships with our families.


Tyler Brummer, PhD

Tyler has a background in research and is motivated by creating innovative solutions to social problems. Tyler leads the operations of WeVisit in addition to business development and impact measurement.

Robyn Georgieff

Robyn Georgieff

With her wealth of experience in the aged care and mental wellness sector, Robyn coordinates WeVisit’s StepUp program and helps make sure our visitors know what to do.

Name Badge Madi

Madi Keay

Madi uses her wealth of experience visiting elderly to spread the word of the benefits of WeVisit to families and coordinates all our tech help services.


Isaiah Ratahi

Isaiah oversees WeVisit’s customer relationships. With his analytical flair, Isaiah develops and enhances WeVisit’s internal processes.


Tré Ratahi

Tré operates the WeVisitor recruitment programme and manages the WeVisit’s social media.


Sam Clough

Sam is the WeVisit team assistant. She has serious skills in organising, event planning and generally getting things done.


Billy Georgeiff

Billy is WeVisit’s community tech help coordinator. Billy is ultra patient and has a way of teaching tech that makes clients feel empowered.


Rachel Montejo

Rachel is WeVisit’s business and development advisor and comes to us via support from the ākina foundation.


Our partners

Thank you to our partners who share the vision of a more connected future

Our mission

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