Finding the right match. You take it from there...

WeConnect is a service specifically for those that want to find a support worker to make a genuine connection. We find people who are in it to connect on a human level and know how to create possibility.

We are priviledged to have a huge network of people looking for work that's meaningful and is more than clock in, clock out. Our network is full of students, young mums and people of all ages that understand our human centred approach.

Our service is simple. We get to know you, what your hopes, wants & desires are for your life. We scour our networks to find someone that resonates with. We connect you to them, and set the expectations so you can train them how you want, and let the relationship grow from there.

We are here to take the frustration out of finding someone to add value to your life, and create a world of possibility through real human connection.

Your journey mapped out


Contact us

Fill in the expression of interest or sign-up form. We will give you a call and organise a time to come and get to know you.



Leave it to us. We will go to the ends of our networks to find some candidates for you. Once we find the best, we will introduce them to you.



This is all about you. Our match-making specialist will sit with you and your family to get to know exactly who you want to bring into your life.



We will help you create your own personal induction for your new person. This will let you hit the ground running and you take it from there.

Our recruitment process

Our organisation has a unique philosophy of doing everything with people. This lets everyone in the relationship have a real sense of purpose and enables each person to get the most out of it.

We know people all over New Zealand and use our trusted contacts to verify the people we work with. It's that trust we use to know that each person is there for the right reasons, and they understand our human centred approach to enabling support.

Who are our support workers?

Most of the people we recruit are a blank slate. They haven't been support workers more than helping family when they are sick or temporarily in need of some common sense support.

They are people who want to make a genuine connection. Who were interested in your profile and are looking to make a genuine connection.

They are ready to be trained to provide any specific support you need, the way you want it.

Ready to get started?

Recruitment packages start at $800 and can be charged to your Individualised Funding.

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