Patient tech help and lessons at your pace

Ever had the experience of asking your kids or grandkids "how do I do [anything] on my phone?" Most let out an audible *sigh*, grab the phone and show you so quickly you haven't the chance to learn a thing.

WeTech Helpers are here to alleviate that pain and help you become skilled and confident with your phones, tablets, computers and anything else technically so you can spend your time really connecting with your family... especially with your new tech skills!

WeTech Helpers are all trained on how to work with you, at your pace, until you get it. Our tech helpers come to your home, to work with technology in your environment, and teach you the skills you want to learn.

We can help with: phones, computers, tablets, updates, lost passwords, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Uber, Photos, Apps and much more!

We start with your goals and where you are comfortable and teach from there.

Your journey mapped out


Contact us

Let us know what you want to learn, become more confident at or what needs fixing.


At your pace

We work on 1 or 2 skills each session and can come back each week until you feel confident and independent.


Meet your Tech Helper

We'll send a patient, young helper to work with you until you're confident with your device in your own home.


A call away

Technology is best learned when you have a reason to use it. Call us anytime you want another lesson.

Who are WeTech Helpers?

Every WeTech Helper is personally selected based on their character and after clearing a NZ Police check, is trained on how to work with you to increase your confidence and abilities with your technology. Most are exceptional university students whose part-time job is teaching tech.

Tech Helpers are first and foremost patient. They put you in the driver seat to make sure you don't need us when we leave. We help alleviate that common frustration of trying to teach your family new technology so that you can spend the time really connecting with them.

The ones experiencing WeTech say it best

Paul & Ann Marsh, Christchurch

"An excellent organisation bringing sensible, patient and knowledgeable young people into our home to give us one-to-one assistance. There are always respectful answers to the most mundane and simple questions."

Ready to get started?

individual sessions starting at
$45/ hour; group sessions from
$10/ person for 1.5 hours

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