Creating connections for life

Our WeVisit service is all about what you wantWhether that's someone to help in the garden, go to the bank or a cafe, put together the family memoirs or cook a meal together, we find a young person you will really connect with, and who is keen to work with you and learn from you.

Our visitors (called WeVisitors) are all looking for meaningful work, and real connection. They visit, help and enrich lives as part-time work while they train for their future or raise their families. Our aim is for them to be that extra support, and just a good friend.

We have engineering students connected with retired engineers, sporty youngsters with ex-rugby players and young mums who bring their little ones along to visit.

WeVistors enrich the lives of those they visit. We get to know your wants, needs, desires and personality, and find the right person to improve your quality of life.

Our goal is to make a meaningful connection between those we visit, and our visitors, and enable those we visit to keep leading awesome lives.

Your journey mapped out


Getting started

We get to know the person who could benefit from a weekly visitor by talking with them directly or a family member looking for added support for their parents.



We arrange that first meeting, help you get to know each other and what you both can gain from the visits. We check-in to make sure it's a good fit.



Whether gardening, cooking, going for drives, or intellectual conversations, we search through our networks to find the perfect student or young mum that can make that happen.


On-going support

We check-in regularly to see if our visitors can do anything to be even more helpful. We also keep families in the loop, especially if they live away.

Who are WeVisitors?

WeVisitors are matched to those they visit based on mutual-shared interests to ensure they hit it off. This relationship is continually monitored to ensure everyone is getting the most out of the visits.

Every WeVisitor is personally selected based on their character and after clearing a NZ Police check, is trained on how to be helpful, dependable and a great individual (this includes good manners and how to be extra courteous).

WeVisitors can be students, young mums or anyone looking for something meaninful to contribute to.

What the people we work with say


“Mum's WeVisitor is a perfect match and they've got similar interests. She's really on the same page and is teaching mum a whole lot of things.” - Gill (Sally's daughter)


“Do it. I think it's the best thing ever. It's the highlight of my week, I love coming here so much. She makes me feel like I'm part of her family and it's just so nice to have found that here in New Zealand.” - Kerstin (WeVisitor)


“My daughter [Gill] said, 'Have a go Mum. It'll be lovely.' I'm so pleased I did because I've met Kerstin and she's so lovely. She's been a wonderful help to me.” - Sally (Gill's 85 year old mum)

Ready to get started?

Services start at $35 per week.

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