Why do we need WeVisit?

We are striving to solve three challenges:

  1. People are living longer and want to maintain their quality of life.
  2. Part time jobs for younger people are disappearing and education doesn’t teach important soft skills.
  3. Families are time-poor and cannot always be there to help fix the computer, name photos or learn crafts.

WeVisit is designed to be a win-win-win. Our visit reports keep families up to date and our vetting procedures ensure everyone is safe. Our clients love WeVisit!

WeVisit Charity

Schools, service clubs and businesses are welcome to join WeVisit as a partner organisation to further our mission of tackling loneliness, social isolation and youth unemployment in Aotearoa New Zealand.

For every donation, we identify older people through doctors, churches and other community organisations who would benefit from our service and match them with a WeVisitor. You can also nominate someone in your community to receive the service at low cost or free of charge.

Contact us and we will let you or your organisation know how to help those in need.


Meet the people behind WeVisit


Sam Johnson

Sam is most well known for founding the UC Student Volunteer Army and for his work with young people around New Zealand and in disaster zones worldwide. Sam sees WeVisit as a way to extend the values of Student Army into a business that solves social issues in our communities.


Tyler Brummer

Tyler moved to New Zealand four years ago to do his PhD. Being so far from his family drove him to help develop WeVisit as a way to maintain connection between families that live at a distance. He brings his experience in innovative problem solving, government programmes and project management to the organisation.


Isaiah Ratahi

Inspired by a world of possibilities, Isaiah is a budding entrepreneur currently in his 5th and final year of commerce and science studies at VUW. Drawn to WeVisit by its potential to deliver substantial social good here in New Zealand and beyond, he is keen to be part of the enterprise and drive it to its potential.


Tré Ratahi

Tré is an enthusiastic intern at WeVisit, eager to tackle the pressing problems of today. Deviating from traditional commercial philosophy, he sees social businesses as an important mode for driving meaningful change. Tré is Wellington based and in his last year of a conjoint commerce and science degree at Victoria University.


Huia Lambie

A strategic adviser to WeVisit, Huia brings a unique combination of skills from a range of business, social service and public service agencies. She also draws on her experience of caring and sharing with her parents in their 90’s, still living independently in Christchurch, and an abundance of learnings from kaumatua in North Taranaki.


Robyn Georgieff

Robyn Georgieff is a wife, mother and grandmother with three decades of experience as a nurse. Since 2008, Robyn has run her own business The Organiser, and is passionate about advocating for older adults and their independent living. Empathy underpins everything Robyn does, especially around the processes of aging and dying.

Our values



Ordinary people who want to increase the collective understanding of ‘other’



Our individual and collective well-being depends on our human interactions



Trusting our instincts and the good that exists in every person

Shared Wisdom

Shared Wisdom

Intergenerational relationships facilitate learning for young and old

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